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Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, SJ
commented on “clerical vices—even in the Roman Curia”

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“Unfortunately there are priests that aim at becoming bishops, and they succeed. There are bishops who don’t speak out because they know they will not be promoted to a higher see, or that it will block their candidacy to the cardinalate.

This type of careerism is one of the greatest ills in the church today. It stops priests and bishops from speaking the truth and induces them into doing and saying only what pleases their superiors—something that is a great disservice to the Pope.

I could add that there is great vanity in the Church. Great vanity! One sees it in the dress. Cardinals used to have a six-yard-long silk train. But continuously the Church strips and redresses with useless ornaments. There is a tendency to show off.

Archbishop Burke - click on image for a larger viewI need to speak out about certain things. It’s part of the choice an elderly person makes. There are certain things I must say to the Church. We are called to be transparent, to speak the truth. We need a great grace to do this, but those that can are free.”

(Cf. The TABLET, 14 June 2008)

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